Validations & Major Livestock Show


State Fair of Texas

  • Lamb/Goat/Breeding: (Order Form & Payment Due April 15th.)
    • Market lambs and market goats validated for the State Fair of Texas & Heart of Texas MUST RE-VALIDATE for 2021 Major Shows in October
    • Sheep/Breeding Goats: Beginning June 1, 2021, registered breeding sheep, registered breeding goats, wether/commercial dams, and wether/commercial does will have 3 total years of eligibility UNLESS A CHANGE OF OWNERSHIP TAKES PLACE. This will be offered during major show validation as well. Put plainly- if you validate for State Fair during the June 2021 validation period, your validation will be eligible until June 2024, unless a change of ownership occurs during that time- then you must re-validate. If you validate during the October 2021 validation period for major shows, your validation will be eligible until October 2024, unless a change of ownership occurs during that time- then you must re-validate.
    • 2021 Lamb & Goat Validation Tag Order Form State Fair TX 2021
  • Swine: (Order Form & Payment Due April 15th.)
    •  2021 State Fair and Heart of Texas Show Validation Information
      • Tags can only be ordered by the County Validation Chairman (this is why we have a deadline).
      • Deadline for validating all pigs will be set by chairman (prior to June 30, 2021).
      • Purebred (registered gilts) must be validated
      • Date of ownership, transfer and registration must all be on or before validation date.
      • Purebred (registered gilts) must have registration papers uploaded into the validation system by July 15, 2021.
      • Crossbred Gilts showing at the State Fair of Texas and Heart of Texas MUST be validated.
      • State Validation tags must be in the pigs ear when it enters the holding pens
      • Validation Tag Order Form – Swine

Steers: (Order Form & Payment Due April 15th.)


Major Livestock Show Entry Forms & Rules


We will be open from 8am – 7pm and during lunch.


Social Security Number for ALL Exhibitors

Quality Counts Number for ALL Livestock Exhibitors

Check for Entry (Our office will charge a $5 processing fee.)

Rules and entry forms will be added as they become available.

***If you are looking for a specific contest or worksheet let us know and we will work with you to find it.

Please READ all the updated Catalogs, Premium Lists, and Rules.***

Kerrville (Hill Country District Junior Livestock Show) – Rules and Entry Form


Fort Worth –

San Antonio – Rules, Youth Livestock Entries, Some Contests, and Junior Shoot Out.


San Angelo – Rules, Entries


Houston –

Austin –



Texas Pork Producers Elite Show – Rules, Entry Form

If you are interested in other major livestock shows, please contact our office and we can get you the entry form.

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